About The Book

Don’t take my word for it. Read the first few pages and see how this will change your life

TAFIYA is an Hausa word which means Journey. This Memoir talks about my Journey – life struggles, pains, career experiences, relationships, humanity and purpose discovery. All were written through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
Using the social space to attract opportunities and also emphasis on the need to allow GOD take the lead in crucial things in the journey of life, perseverance, having discerning spirit, pitfalls to avoid, hearing and knowing the Will of God for one’s life.
This is a good read for personal development, freelance opportunities graduates can key into. Also, it is a guide for young women in love, the broken hearted for healing and those in the waiting period and needs clarity. If you sense you have a calling, but yet to discover it, then this is the book for you.
TAFIYA is worth reading and very insightful. It has several characters and events that took place, focusing on different walks of life. It is a mixture of humour, suspense, emotion, and spiritual quest.

Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight Oluwafolakemi Abike Odidi is the Founder of ABIKEREDEFINED GLOBAL SERVICES LTD, an Outsourcing company. She is a Fashion Entrepreneur par excellence, a Content Creator, an Inspirational Writer and a Matchmaker. She is also the Convener of Identity and Purpose Ladies Online Ministry. Folake, the President of Empowered Vessels For Change Initiative (EVCI) a non-profit organisation, is also a Co-Founder, Life Plus Africa (LPA), a Lifestyle Social Enterprise. She is a philanthropist, very passionate about humanity most especially in the area of empowering youths. Folake has a Diploma in Business Studies, while her first degree in Accounting from Ekiti State University. She also has Certifications in Entrepreneurship and Human Resource.

Book Review

BOOK TITLE: Tafiya: The Journey

AUTHOR: Folake Odidi


PAGES: 120

The book, Tafiya, is the author’s memoire on her journey of life, especially since after graduation from the university. The 14-chapter book depicts the experience of most young people in their efforts to find their feet after school.

Tafiya, will make an exciting reading to young people trying to forge their ways in a nation where there are not adequate provisions for them to excel, make progress and prosper.

In this book, Folake Odidi, like a pathfinder, tries to point the way forward for the teeming Nigerian youths, who are stranded without job or business after spending years in higher institutions.

This book talks about her travel experience to another West African Country and opens eyes of readers to alot of Opportunities in the place especially for those in the Fashion Industry.

Folake, Also Advises young women in the area of choosing a life partner and compatibility.

In all, ‘Tafiya’ is really a True life story. Folake, through it, tries to show that everyone alive on earth is on a journey of life, which is not an easy experience. As she writes on her life journey, the reader tries to picture himself or herself in this journey, as she carries them along with stories that look familiar to the readers.

She wrote on the experience of people during the outbreak of the Coronaviros (COVID-19) pandemic, which affected the universe badly. As one who is in business and President of Empowered Vessels For Change Initiative (EVCI), the pandemic also hit her hard. Not only was her business grounded, it also shattered the programs the NGO planned for the benefit of the less privileged. However, she was able to impact thousands of lives through free online training for youths on different aspects of career building. Here, Folake tells people to ensure that they utilise every occurrence in life profitably to their favour and should not lose hope when things go bad in society.

The book, which was recently launched online and has been making waves, is expected to be presented before a live audience after the crises occasioned by the Coronavirus pandemic have gone down.

This book is a very good companion to everyone, especially the youths and singles, as well as for believers, i must commend her usage of proverbs and adages in making some expressions, where appropriate, taking us back to our origin.

Folake, Also known as Abike, has lived uprightly and impacted positively people around her and the society at large.

Hugely recommended for those who aspire to find their path and influence positive change in the society.

Mr. Ejikeme Omenazu
Editor, Senior Journalist
Independent Newspaper Limited.