Guest Speaker- Pst. Olatunde Oyeluyi- A Certified Relationship Coach, been in the Ministry for 27years.-(Eliazer Alarena, Back2Eden, The Yuppsies Network/ ICOMA Ideas & Concepts Marketing Associates).

On the 23rd of Feb, 2018, the Lecture Keynote, Orientation on “Sexuality, Sensibility and Spirituality 111 as a course of study for Ladies. Took place on our Whatsapp platform “The Purpose ”

These are the details of the Lecture and that of the Guest Speaker- Pst. Olatunde Oyeluyi

Who is Pst. Olatunde Oyeluyi?

Pst. Olatunde Oyeluyi 61, is a Certified Relationship Coach , having been in Ministry for 27 yrs, married for 25yrs to a beautiful woman (Mrs. Helen Oyeluyi) and blessed with 6boys and 1 girl. 

 He Went into A Private Ministry last year November after serving in various offices including as a Youth Pastor and Counselor in 3 Ministries spanning 27yrs.  Having had the privileged experience – physical, emotional, social physiological and spiritual rating from dating in the world and marrying in Christ Spanning 43 years, his Ministry is of an almost Exclusivity to Women.

Lecture in Details
We looked at What Identity and Purpose means as the platform implies.

Identity – Who are you? (Genesis 1:26-28)

Purpose – Why are you on Earth?

(Purpose is lost without Identity) Both are imbeded in your Sexuality.
Important Analysis as stated by the Guest Speaker –Pst. Olatunde Oyeluyi

  • The Principles of God concerning issues of Friendship, Relationship and Marriage has not changed but the Dynamics and Strategies for their applications is New Everyday just like His Words.

Course -SSS111

 This is the class that precludes admission into the University of Marriage.

Many women don’t even know who they are, they are conversant with filling forms and seeing the space Sex (□m /□f).  it’s not boobs, waist or hips that makes you a woman. It’s your creation, and your formation that separates you in that identity. “If all women were the same men won’t be bothered about a choice of who to marry”. Hosea 4:6. God said His people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

  • The knowledge of God and His word.
  • The knowledge of His creation -Male and female plus other things (particularly the ones that we find interest in) But the knowledge of the sexes is of utmost importance.
  • The knowledge of the Environment God has placed us.

In some other parts , 40 yr old men don’t see anything wrong in the attempt to sleep with an 8yr old. This is Comprehensive debasement of Identity and Purpose, Lack of understanding of Sexuality, Loss or suspension of Sensibility, Absence or half backed or inadequate Spirituality.

  1. A woman was not created to “please ” men, It was not the purpose of her creation.
  2.  A woman sexuality is so distinct, so complex , that she needs to understand it herself.
  3. A woman conviction of her Sexuality is the necessary freedom from relationship complications and the needed commitment for her imput into it.

Gen 1 Verse 27 and 28

You were created in the image of God, Not of your Parents, Not of your husband to be or the one you have now. That’s how important you are.

Verse 28– he gave the command that brought you into the greatest complimentary role in creation. (Fruitfulness and Multiplication) Gen 2:7
Genesis 2:21-22
So God said he could not find “A help” for Adam. The word “Maid” or househelp is also in the Bible, so I am sure and comprehensively convinced that God was not looking for “A Househelp” for Adam. Because of the complexities of your own formation. God made Adam to Sleep because of the expected complimentary and exceptional helpful role God intended you to play in the lives of men ( please note that this is not the exclusive preserve of your relationship to your husband alone ) God took a rib from his side and formed you. You came from Female and became “Woman”. God did not take the woman out of the man’s feet to be stepped on as an ” inferior “, or out of his head to be put on the pedastal of ” superior ” but from his side, close to his heart as an ” Equal.

It is is the height of the major components of your 1st Identity -The Image of God, just like the Man, It is not the qualifications of boobs, hips or looks. Your Spirituality will bring the necessary humility to regulate the height of pride in your achievements.

Let’s look at how God closes up the totality of your identity in Genesis  2: 24 -From Female To Woman, From Woman To Wife. This is the greatest identity on Earth for the female.

I will break this down from Identity




And we will proceed to demystify


M = Maturity

A = Audacity

R = Resilience

R= Respect

I = Intuition

A= Activities

G= Goodness

E= Expectations

Break down in the contest of SSS111 and Laws – Sexuality, Sensibility, and Spirituality.

    1. As a lady, whatever happens behind you is not your problem.
    2. Your Private Part is located in between your tighs. NOONE,can access it without your permission.
    3. You are the only one empowered to say either A Yes, Or 
  • A No,
  • Or

A Wait.

You are entitled to suitors ( in righteousness) As long as you are not sleeping with anyone, let men compete for your love.

Finally, it is in understanding your own Identity that u can safely appropriate your necessary complimentary role in the life of men.

Also, let me warn Single Sisters to please stop preparing for Wedding and start understanding your Real Identity from the God ordained Identifications graduation for you. Female> Woman>Wife. Wedding is One Day, Marriage is for Life. The choice is yours.

Truth be told – Every Man operates @ 10% of his God Given capacity until you come into his life, God said you are the carrier of Good Things & Favor from Him. “Every woman carries a measure of ” Virtue “.

Part 2 of this Class will be continued later this month. Thanks for reading. We await your comments. God bless