Guest Speaker- Mrs. Olubosede Adeleke, M.D of Gold Collections Hats and a Family Counsellor.

On the 26th of Jan, 2018, the Lecture Keynote, Who Are Your Friends? (Impact of Choice in 2018). Took place on our Whatsapp platform “The Purpose ”

These are the details of the Lecture and that of the Guest Speaker- Mrs.Olubosede Adeleke.

Who is Mrs. Olubosede Adeleke?

She is a Wife, a Mother, a Friend, also a family counselor, a natural health enthusiast, a fashion designer, and a milliner. She is the  Managing Director of  Gold Collections Hats.

She Started out with a degree in education (English) from the university of Ife, now Obafemi Awolowo University.

She has been counselling for over 15years. (Family Counsellor).

Lecture in Details

We looked at how the choices we make will directly affect our lives in 2018.

Who are your friends? (Impact of choice in 2018).

  • We don’t have much choice about when we are born or the family we are born into. The choices we make after we are born may however determine how long we would spend on this timeline called “Life and Living”.

“Choices make or mar us. Choices can set us up for greatness or see us crash to the depths of despair and hopelessness”.

Of all choices we will make in life, these two are very important:

Spiritual Choices and Relationship Choices.

These choices will greatly impact your life positively or negatively especially in 2018!

The right spiritual choice doesn’t insulate you from life, it however makes life easier to bear as  it offers you the strength needed to hold on till your desired miracle comes. Talking about spiritual choices, I refer to the choice of both seeing darkness and evil everywhere as opposed to seeing light and love all around you. It also includes giving my life to God by asking Jesus into my life to help me drive it. I invite you to make that choice too. This choice has been the bedrock of other choices in my life.

When I talk of spiritual choices, I do not refer to commitment to a church or a Pastor. I refer to your/my commitment to God.  My commitment to what God wants of me in relationship with my environment.  I refer to my commitment to become the extension of God’s hands here on earth. My commitment to help others also to be who/what they should become.

The next important choice in life is relationship choices. As humans, we thrive only in relationship with others. A life of isolation doesn’t help us to develop to our full potentials. Many times as females we shy away from walking together in ways that should impact our lives more positively. This is a mistake.

“We need each other for great impact”.

As children we choose who our friends would be. These early choices are based on our location/environment. Your friends are usually from among your close relatives and friends of your parents and neighbors. As children our choices are less discriminatory. As you grow older, your circle of choice grows wider. Especially in this age of Internet.

If in your years of growth, you are matured, then you would be able to make more informed choices about your relationships. Your spiritual choice and maturity will to a large extent affect your relationship choices.

“As women (career women or entrepreneurs);wives, mothers, daughters, nieces, aunts, grandaunts, grandmothers. etc. We need to make relationship choices that will be of great benefit to our lives”.

The first relationship we need to forge is among ourselves as women, of course you choose such with wisdom.

There are many reasons you may want to give for not having women as friends but I give you reasons why we need each other:

  • A woman understands your pains.
  • A woman can see the way you see things.
  • A woman can offer advice that men wount know how to give
  • A woman will support you when things go wrong. They will cheer for you on your way to the finish line.

When you have female friends who are matured, wise and not frivolous, you are truly blessed.

Of course, like any other choice, making the right one in relationship is important to our blossoming to become who we ought to be.

With the advanced technology available one would expect choices to be easier, but it’s actually more difficult.

However, your choices must be must be matured and informed.  For your choices to be informed, you need real female friends who will tell you the truth in love.

Relationship choices eventually become the yardstick by which our life successes are measured by. 

May we all be married to our friends and not our enemies. We have seen women who married and blossomed, Also women who married and were destroyed. If we have made relationship choices that has given us sad/ bad experiences it should not make us to become hard and cold towards people.

There’s something worse than the loneliness of being single, and that is being lonely when you’re married or in a relationship. That second type of loneliness is pure torture and breeds all sorts of pain, negativity and causes one to malfunction.

A fulfilling relationship is what God wants for us.

Choices of relationship with the opposite sex, which can sometimes culminate into marriage is also important and should be done with great care.

Relationships with anyone shouldn’t be for selfish ulterior motives. Mutually beneficial relationship are more rewarding. (Unless it’s a mentor and Mentee relationship).

Any relationship should make you to become a better person. If a relationship is making you become: hurt, sad, angry, unhappy and depressed most of the time, then you need to remove yourself from such toxic environment.

Don’t give any excuse for anyone – man or woman – to treat you badly in a relationship. You are good enough to be treated with respect, care and kindness. You should also reciprocate such.

Look Around You and Ask Yourself:

  1. What are my goals this year?
  2. What do I want to achieve?
  3. Who are your friends? Online and offline?
  4. What do they contribute into your life? Positives or negatives?
  5. What do YOU contribute in to their lives. Have they helped you to reach a goal before?
  6. Are your friends likely to help you get to where you want this year?

The answers will open your eyes to who to continue with or let go of.

You can’t go mountain climbing Alone. You prepare and choose a team with great care.

So also don’t go alone in 2018. Choose the persons you’ll walk with and work with! It’s important to your success this year.

God created Adam and gave him Eve. A help mate. That was deliberate. He’s telling us not to go alone.

We started with the scripture:

Ecclesiastes 4:9- Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour.

When two work on a task, they get better rewards or results

Ecclesiastes 4:10- For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up.

When you have company, you are sure someone is watching out for you

Ecclesiastes  4:12- And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.

Anyone who wants to fight you, will know you are not alone. You have a partner and you have God.

So think about it . Pray about it also:

  • God, I need a friend that will work and walk with me in 2018. I am tired of being alone

It’s your turn and your time for a turn around, but you can’t do it alone.

That prayer is two pronged: the spinster can pray it for a God fearing husband and Friend. The married can pray it for a true friend in business.

God, these are my goals this year……(enumerate them)

Send me friends to actualize it with me. Also make me a helper to others too.

Join me to pray that prayer and watch God zoom into action for you.

Lord make me a flowing river, as I am blessed, let me be a blessing to others ijn.

ROM 8:28 For all things to work for your good, you must follow God’s purpose.

  • Be blessed then be a blessing!
  • As a wife/ mother/sister/friend.
  • Be blessed but remember to also be a blessing

Who do you want to lift up or bless? Look around you. There are opportunities to be a blessing. While blessing others, yours will flow in. Amen

In conclusion. Christ says your friend or neighbour is whoever you can help.

Thanks for Joining us. Happy Reading.